Dr. Gábor Szentiványi
Managing Director, ULX
Dr. Gábor Szentiványi is an information technology expert, his more than a decade long activity plays a major role in spreading open source among the hungarian enterprises. He graduated in 1994 at the Technical University of Budapest. During his masters' studies he gained a scolarship at the Technical University of Karlsruhe, Germany in the topic of developing operating systems. He wrote his doctoral dissertation at the Delft University in the Netherlands in the topic of management and integration of multimedia information systems based on open source technologies. After his return from the Netherlands, he worked at large hungarian enterprises as a consultant and architect of complex IT systems. From this period, his goal has been to make open source technologies successful in enterprises in Hungary by transferring key open source technologies to enterprise environments. From 2001 onwards, he is the managing director of ULX, where business development and strategic planning being his major fields of activity. Besides this, he is a determining participant in numerous national and international R&D as well as strategy development and business projects.